Special Issues


Papers presented in the Conference may be expanded and be selected through a refereeing process consistent with the standard reviewing process of each of the following journals, to ensure that original contributions of the highest quality are included.


Confirmed journals that will publish special issues (alphabetically):


1.      Computational Economics (Springer)


2.      Economic Analysis and Policy (Elsevier) 


3.     Energy Policy (Elsevier)


4.    International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development (Interscience)


5.    International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology (Taylor & Francis)


6.    Journal of Forest Economics (Elsevier)


7.     Letters in Spatial and Resource Science (Springer)


8.    Resources, Conservation & Recycling (Elsevier)


Keynote Speakers (by subject area):


Agro-ecology, sustainable agro-food systems

Professor Anil Markandya 


Ecosystem services, conservation-development interactions

Professor Charles Perrings


Professor Ann Kinzig


Inclusive Wealth for Nations

Professor Shunsuke Managi


Environmental Valuation

Professor Clevo Wilson